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2020 Yamaha ATV Lineup

TORONTO, ON. – June 4, 2019 – Yamaha Motor Canada announces its Proven Off-Road recreational, utility, and sport ATVs for model year 2020. All deliver Yamaha’s class-leading capability and comfort, allowing off-road enthusiasts to confidently REALize their Adventure. “Yamaha’s 2020 lineup of off-road ATVs provide a wide variety of choices and superior valueto riders of all backgrounds,” said Bryan Hudgin, Yamaha’s National Marketing Manager.

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All of Yamaha’s 2020 ATV models have been updated with new colour options and better integration for new genuine Yamaha accessories, reinforcing Yamaha’s commitment to delivering the most capable, comfortable, and confidence-inspiring off-road vehicles in real-world environments.

2020 Grizzly: Big Bore ATV for Aggressive Trail Riding

Designed for the trail rider looking for excitement on every ride, the Grizzly delivers the ideal balance of big bore power and performance. It features a potent 700-class, single cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with optimized torque, power delivery and engine character for aggressive recreational riding.

2020 Yamaha ATV Lineup
Yamaha Grizzly EPS LE

Yamaha’s proven Ultramatic® automatic transmission, On-Command® 2WD / 4WD system, and Electric Power Steering (EPS) deliver predictable and consistent power. The Grizzly’s durable chassis also combines ample ground clearance with adjustable suspension, long-travel shocks, wide-arc A-arms and full-body skid plates to tackle rough terrain with ease.

The new 2020 Grizzly is available in Blue, aluminum wheeled options in Green and White, Realtree Edge Camo, and a Limited Edition (LE) Matte Silver with new machined aluminum alloy wheels and a factory-installed WARN® Pro Vantage 2500 winch.

2020 Kodiak 700: Built to Tackle the Real World

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The Kodiak 700 delivers Proven Off-Road performance and durability through its Real World Tech features, including Yamaha’s Ultramatic® transmission with natural-feeling, all-wheel engine braking. Select models also feature On-Command® four-wheel drive with full differential lock and Yamaha’s speed and torque-sensitive EPS, all combining to make the Kodiak 700 the most powerful and capable ATV in its price category.

2020 Yamaha ATV Lineup
Yamaha Kodiak 700

The 2020 Kodiak 700 is available in Dark Red. Kodiak 700 models equipped with EPS include Blue, aluminum wheeled options in Green and Beige with Realtree Edge, and a Special Edition (SE) Matte Black option with aluminum wheels and a factory-installed WARN® Pro Vantage 2500 winch.

2020 Kodiak 450: Mid-Size ATV with Real World Performance and Value

The 2020 Kodiak 450 combines Yamaha’s legendary durability and reliability with class-leading handling. Powered by a 450-class, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with electronic fuel injection, it delivers work-ready performance with more than 1,300 pounds of towing capacity, while its compact and nimble chassis handles tight and technical trails with ease.

2020 Yamaha ATV Lineup
Yamaha Kodiak 450

Delivering Proven Off-Road capability, comfort and confidence, the Kodiak 450 boasts Yamaha’s standard Real World Tech features, including Ultramatic® automatic transmission, On-Command® 2WD / 4WD system, EPS (on select models), adjustable dual A-arm suspension and more.

2020 Yamaha ATV Lineup
Yamaha Kodiak 450

The 2020 Kodiak 450 ATV is available in Dark Red. Kodiak 450 models equipped with EPS include Green, Blue and Beige with Realtree Edge Camo, and an SE Matte Silver with painted bodywork and aluminum wheels.

2020 Sport ATVs with high-performance design: Raptor 700 and YFZ450R

The YFZ450R, Raptor® 700R and Raptor 700R SE deliver Yamaha’s ultimate combination of power and lightweight handling to ATV riders in all off-road environments. A durable steel- aluminum frame combined with a controlled-fill aluminum sub-frame and swing-arm produce a supremely stout yet ultra-lightweight sport ATV.

Lightweight performance and Yamaha’s YZ-style, fully adjustable piggyback shocks make Yamaha’s line of sport ATVs versatile machines capable of handling any terrain from tight, rocky trails to wide-open motocross tracks.

2020 Yamaha ATV Lineup
Yamaha Raptor 700

The YFZ450R is available in a Team Yamaha Blue with colour-matched seat, A-arms and frame. The Raptor 700R is available in Team Yamaha Blue with a color matched seat, A-arms, and frame, and an SE option in Dark Red and Grey.

2020 Youth ATVs feature Proven Off-Road capability for Young Trail Riders: Grizzly 90, Raptor 90 and YFZ50

The 2020 Grizzly 90 combines Yamaha’s renowned performance and versatility with a fun and confidence-inspiring 90-cc engine and CVT transmission for entry-level riders (10 years old and up) to develop their off-road abilities. The youth model offers several Grizzly DNA features, including mud-protection fenders, trail-pointed comfort suspension, front and rear cargo racks, and new Grizzly-tread tires.

2020 Yamaha ATV Lineup
Yamaha Raptor 90

The 2020 Raptor 90 brings the world of sport ATVs to riders ages 10 and up. With sporty styling based on the top-selling Raptor 700R, this entry-level ATV offers Yamaha’s Proven Off-Road sport ATV performance, legacy and quality to the entire family.

The YFZ50 introduces the fun and exciting world of sport ATVs to riders ages 6 and up. Inspired by the championship-winning DNA of the YFZ450R, this youth ATV brings Yamaha’s Proven Off-Road performance and confidence to the next generation of budding motorsports enthusiasts.

2020 Yamaha ATV Lineup

The 2020 Grizzly 90 is available in Yamaha Blue. The 2020 Raptor 90 is available in Team Yamaha Blue and White. The 2020 YFZ50 is available in Team Yamaha Blue and White.

For a comprehensive model breakdown and full unit specifications, visit Yamaha-Motor.ca or head into your local Yamaha dealer.

Mario Boriassihttps://atvtrailrider.raven-media.ca
Partner and Editor at ATV Trail Rider Magazine
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  1. Holy boring .
    not your article , but yamahas absolute reluctance to step forward .
    I own a grizzly 708 ( I payed 300 bucks to fix the self loosening nut issue out of my own pocket ) and it is at best a once a year moose hunt
    and twice a year ice fish machine .absolutely not a trail machine in todays standards .
    the vibration and put put put engine sounds are puke worthy .
    the so called best in the biz belt drive is a very clacky noisy system .
    twin cylinders are the way to go , so step up Yamaha , consumers are spending hard earned money to find lack in speed and power and now a backwards move to the 686 ? Bla Bla Bla Bla bye bye market share .


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